Life is a Video Game (aka: The Life of Abram)

I’ve been leading our middle school boys youth group meetings on Wednesdays. In conjunction with the other two leaders, we decided to do some lessons from Genesis — picking up with Abraham. I have been listening to Timothy Keller’s “The Gospel According to Abraham” series and *very* loosely drawing from it for my series. It’s always a struggle to remember that many of the middle school boys have, at best, a 5 minute attention span. Keeping them interested is a challenge — and figuring out how to sink the bible lessons into their world view so that they (might) remember something later. To do this, I’m trying to tie each lesson from Abraham’s life story to some aspect of video games.

Of course, depending on the boys (or girls) involved, you might want to change the theme to fantasy books, sci-fi books, movies, etc, etc. But hopefully these ideas will help.

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